PUN01​/​/​/ DAGS! - Snowed in​/​Stormed out

by Dags!

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released May 4, 2016

DAGS! are three melodic riff sweethearts from Milan, Italy.
Born in the spring of 2013 while guitarist and vocalist Marcantonio was living in London, they released their debut self-titled EP in August 2014 making full use of his bag of riffs collected over the years.

Best friends making music, close-knit and backed from the start by To Lose La Track, one of Italy’s most influential independent record labels. Couldn’t ask for more.
After touring Italy extensively they followed up writing songs that later formed their first full length. The dream gets real summer of 2015 when they cross the Channel to tour England and Scotland and record “Snowed in / Stormed Out” at Thomas Le Beau Morley’s studio in London, already home math rock bands such as Delta Sleep, AEC, TTNG, Olympians and Quadrilles.

Mastered by Dan Coutant at Sun Room Audio in Cornwall, NY, “Snowed in / Stormed out” is out in five countries thanks to the efforts of To Lose La Track (IT), Barely Regal (UK), Dingleberry records (DE), Neat is Murder (IT), Pundonor records (ES) and Gropied Records (FR) and DAGS! will be touring to support it starting with a France+Spain tour with the fellow london-based band Olympians. The record cover is illustrated by Michael Parkin, also drummer of Olympians.

Out April 5th 2016 on To Lose La Track (IT), Barely Regal (UK), Dingleberry records (DE), Neat is Murder (IT), Pundonor records (ES) and Gropied Records (FR).

Recorded and produced by Thomas Le Beau Morley at Unit 8c, London
between July and September 2015.

Mastered by Dan Coutant at Sun Room Audio in Cornwall, NY

Cover art by Michael Parkin

Layout by Fabio Valesini

Daniel J Harvey plays keyboards on song: 1,3,4,5
back vocals Daniel J Harvey and Chris Neil: 3,7
Fabio plays synth on 7 &10 and piano on 9
*vocals for number 1 recorded in Milan by Carlo Luciano Porrini



all rights reserved
Track Name: Chega de Saudade
Please let this train depart, 
before the feelings can catch up with me,
because in my mind I'd like to keep them at arm's length, distanced, 
swinging punches towards me. 
Apparently, I am only trying to give, my heart extra resilience.
I bond quite happily with disillusion
to avoid involvement and the other way around 
just to look at it to tell myself that I am right this time. 
Track Name: We all like theories, let's not make anything ever happen
It's an everyday commute, brain to bed,  though I despise having detached limbs, a numb thumb, stuck in my pocket, I get on the train and unravel my guts to the whole carriage

I suddenly think "what if the others talk about me in the way I do about them"? And they probably do, and that is not something that I'd like so much, I prided myself on ethic, but once I failed to be honest, a liar was born and doubts were everywhere.

I shelter my eyes under my forehead, worst case scenario I shield ‘em, I peek through my fingers, but I don't want to know,  if I cover my ears, now my eyes are exposed.    
I got told it is all about little things, smaller the better, but then you lose them,and you forget your wallet in someone else's jacket. You are lost.
Track Name: I would love to send all those shitheads wearing camo to the actual army
I bought a dictionary to read a few words, I'd get on with the one I would never learn, and I wanted to put a good word in for you, but my syllables are so sparse that the only thing I could leave, is my presence.                                            
But if I stay it is when I decided to stay, If I don't say, it is because there is no need for me to say it.

My footprint on this soil will be minimum as for my contribution to general knowledge, did I just corner myself, into believing this?                                   
Level things out, squint one eye to see it proper, take a few steps back to watch as a whole. What is that you are saying?         Can't be said in public, and the fact that you did, is just a cry for attention.
Track Name: Dance tonight, dance tomorrow, why not the day after
It's hard to tell, but taking time off my time 
seems impossible. Avoid skin-deep deeply thought insult, 
just let go, don't even think about getting rid of someone,
you are giving it too much thought. Just don't.
We fear normality and other people's actions,
not the consequences that sparkled them.
I shall just fear you, the construction,
your ego and appearances,
let's go dance, outside of your comfort zone,
I will drag you out there, and make a fool of you.
Track Name: Punching above your height
What is this bullshit of swollen lips, pretended kiss, a world of words and images, and none of these is actual, in realness.

I'd probably ruin my party 
and It's not because I drink too much
Maybe just ‘cause my thoughts are too dark,
dirt under your nails,
leaves leaping over your veins,
tie this piece of wood to your shin,
"If I were you I would not put too much pressure on it, son"

The fear of being alone The fear of being unknown                                                                                   The fear of being loathed for all those fears I got
We all wrote a song of despair                                                                            
But all we want is to be aware
Hence we wrote about us instead
All these people, get tickets to wherever, I am just not sure I'd want to go, I don't know where to look and how to walk, bought a telephone but I don't want to talk.
Track Name: Why is there a "B" in the word "doubt"?
Track Name: Fall & fracture
A bland, feeling of ownership,
is that what it's all about?
Beyond its value,
though destined to grow. 
Gasping my way out of this sea of paper,
we managed not to choke,
but we are already green and soaked.
A gift to mankind became a waste of oxygen.
at first It felt remotely homely, 
but from here you can see all the disasters it caused:
you can see the high water mark stains on the walls,

It is not even a matter of sailing, anymore.
It is all about floating, 
"drag me somewhere safe today,
because I won't go back there".
The chance of a positive chain of events is highly unlikely.
I gambled all my money on red, 
all my money on red, please.
Track Name: For instance does any of those "I"put in a sentence make me look like an egotistical prick?
I threw it and ran away, then you bailed on me.                                                    
I did it when you said 'would you do it for me?' I did.

It is that description on point, Sir?  The first cigarette puff to impress your friends, when you'd think you deserve anything, jump off a cliff, "Do I look like a coward? I will do it If I have to”

And now in distress you've left and I get to be blamed for it, the thoughts will wane, I've already lost you in sight, please allow me not chase you for once.

Be careful, pick up the shreds, don't get cut, don't try and pull it back up, throw it away just like I did, remember?

Though I did break this 1 glass into 400 bits, in order to explain what I mean with all this.
Track Name: Why is there a "B" in the word "debt?
Track Name: In order to have survivors you need patients.
You poked my head with that finger, I know, I know you so well I could see, right through your skin, to your fingertips, water erodes my heart, but I am not ready to start, and why am I feeling so awkward, towards anything, anything means nothing to me.

And the sound of my steps, resonates and fill this room, waves and sounds back and forth,bouncing back at me with rhythmic cadence,

Halves all the time and space, beats the time that time won't beat, is the closest thing from being afar, if we stomp our feet together we might even crack this floor, specifically built on foundations to absorb our steps, our noises our intents.    
Track Name: Why is there a "B" in the word "subtle"?